10 Nov 2011

Water Boreholes Drilling Companies In Kenya

They provide Water drilling Services for Private, institutional, agricultural or commercial use.With vast plumbing knowledge and expertise will give you the best feel and guarantee of obtaining quality water without any leaks, bursts, or airlocks. Mostly, they use new technology pipes and fittings which are of very high standards with life spans of 50 year.
P.O Box 78516-00507
Nairobi – Kenya
Tel: +254 02 2378955, +254 722 798000,+254 731 798000
E-mail: info@solarworldea.com
Water is life. Their main goal is to provide safe and clean water to all. Lack of clean water in Kenya and in deed the whole of Africa remains a major challenge-stunting industrial, social and economic and agricultural development. They work with the local governments, NGO’s, churches, missionary and other organizations, self help groups and private individuals and indeed many interested parties who are seriously addressing this problem.
Kenisia House-Nairobi Kenya.
TEL 020 3503816, 0722 755138

Maji-Tech is the solution. As leaders in water resource development,they have the equipment and technical competency to provide long-term access to clean, safe water. Highly proven track record in delivering quality results with integrity has made Maji-Tech the largest private water drilling company in East Africa. 
P. O. Box 189 Usa River Arusha Tanzania
Phone: +255 (0) 27 254 1002
Fax: +255 (0) 27 254 1003

This is one of the Kenya's water drilling companies that is fast rising. It has a well experienced manpower which handles most of its customers problems sufficiently and also satisfactorily. The companies is equipped with latest machines and tools which can drill boreholes of high quality and with enough water supply.
Kenya railways Godown, off Kitui Road, Industrial Area



Renewable Energy Companies In Kenya

Center for alternative technology Kenya LTD is a renewable energy company that has been distributing a wide & ever-expanding range of value added power system components. This company distributes solar, wind and power back-up equipment for domestic, industrial and other uses.
P.O BOX 64921 -00100 - Nairobi
TEL 020- 800 0175

Energy Alternatives Africa for over 15 years has been involved in developing and installation of a wide range of renewable energy technologies especially solar energy. among the products and services offered by this company include Conducting energy audits and surveys for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, Improving biomass production, conversion and end-use technologies and designing and developing of products that suit particular regions.
P.O. Box 76406 - 00508  Nairobi
TEL 020 571027

Go-solar Systems is one of the leading solar companies that provides alternative power solutions in Kenya and the East Africa region. Its a premier Renewable Energy Solutions Company that provide personalized services in providing solar and wind powered equipment. They also have a vast experience in Installation and System Maintenance of solar and wind powered generators. Their products include Inverter Chargers, Wind Generators, Water Pumps, Solar Panels, Solar torches/Lanterns  and Batteries.
P.O Box 74231 - 00200 - Nairobi
TEL 020 552 216 

Altener Solar Limited is an energy solutions company located in Nairobi. Founded in 1992, They provide efficient and latest energy technological solutions and also advices its customers accordingly. Any help in energy needs and prospects including; reduction in energy bills, higher reliability and other environmental issues. Altener Solar Ltd. will solve your problems through provision of sound solutions. Some of the services and products offered include; Solar Water Heating, Solar Industrial Process Heat, Solar Electric Systems and Solar Cookers And Kitchens.
P.O. Box 45842 - GPO - Nairobi Telephone:
+254 20 212821/212822

Chloride Exide is one of the largest Battery producing companies in Kenya, Solar & Back-up systems operation in East Africa and has over 40 years experience. They are dedicated to offering quality and efficient energy solutions to increase development in Kenya and whole of east Africa region. Its committed to expand the growth of their  products range to fit the ever increasing population demand and quality. It operates closely with the market hence constantly improving their services and products.
P.O.BOX 14242, 00800 NAIROBI.
TEL: +254206532211 /48/49,+254206532251
EMAIL: info@chlorideexide.com
WEBSITE: www.cekl.com

Davis & Shirtliff is one of the prominent companies in Kenya that offers a comprehensive service backup manned by a team of experienced engineers, well trained master technicians and a fully equipped workshop. The service function comprises three main areas: field service, service contracts and workshop facility. As part of the service contracts they offer,  inspection of the existing equipment and making recommendations for improvements and/or modifications to facilitate testing and identification of potential problems.
P.O. Box 41762, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 558335
Fax: 557617
Kenital has built a good reputation in the Solar energy field based primarily on experience and solar solutions provided in the most demanding locations. Kenital strategy has been to create and maintain committed partnerships lasting many decades in developing the growing solar market. All Kenital  products have been designed to operate in the toughest environmental conditions. Product development where needed has been continuous and they have never stopped learning from field experience and listening to market suggestions.
Tel/Fax: (254-20) 2715960, 2714551 
|Mobiles: 0733 641574, 0722 820560 

Neste Advanced Power Systems is one of thr leading energy companies in Kenya which has been spreading over for the last few years. It manufactures and distributes various solar equipments
P.O. Box 19553, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 561096/561130
E-mail: napsk@form-net.com
Fax: 561098

Sollatek Electronics (K) Ltd.
Sollatek has been a pioneer in developing reliable low cost Solar Home Systems (SHS), which are used to power DC Lights, DC TVs & Radios. Today Sollatek has developed larger solar systems to power Colour TV’s, fridges & water pumps.
P.O. Box 83831
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: 011-3311715, 312413,
Fax: 312689
E-mail: sollatek@swiftmombasa.com

Solagen manufactures a wide range of Solar powered, LED illuminated products.The products are environmentally friendly, maintenance free and incorporate leading edge technology, designed and developed for use even in the harsher conditions. All our products are quick and easy to install. No expensive trenching, cabling and electrical connections are required, meaning significant cost-efficiencies over traditional lighting technologies.
P.O. Box 45679
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 441160/1, 251650/1/251652
E-mail: info@solagen.com
Green Power´s vision is to put productive factors into  producing oil for bio-fuels and thereby creating vast amounts of jobs for the rural population, start a self-enforcing development in areas that are currently under-developed, reduce a typically high trade deficit of the countries by reducing fossil-fuel imports and creating export possibilities and improve the environmental conditions in East Africa.
Tel: +254 20 300 29 29  
Physical Address: Industrial Area, Falcon Road

4 Nov 2011

Waste Water Treatment Companies In Kenya

 Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and stormwater treatment that provide unique solutions for decentralized homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities and commercial properties around the world.


For more information visit www.biomicrobics.com

Waste Water Treatment Companies In Kenya

Davis and Shirtliff
Davis & Shirtliff is a leading company in East Africa in supplying water related equipment. among the technological products and services supplied by Davis & Shirtliff include water pumps, solar powered water equipment, pool equipment, water treatment and water pumps.

020 558 335/ 536 901

For more information visit www.dayliff.com


Waste Water Treatment Companies In Kenya

Trojan uv
Trojan as a company is dedicated to reducing water stress for the current and future generations by continually developing technological based solutions aimed at providing industrial enterprises and consumers with practical ways to solve water related problems.Trojan UV relies on the environmentally safe use of ultraviolet treatment of waste water eliminating the dependence on chemicals. Trojan also offers various UV equipment for treatment of domestic water. This company gives UV based solutions for treatment of industrial effluent, residential water and waste water.

519- 457 3400

For more information visit www.trojanuv.com